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DCF Security Awareness Training
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Support to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing



Subject Training
(Answer Keys available from COO, DSM, or HR Manager)
Learning Objective
Adolescent Development
Adolescent Development Insights Into the Teenage Brain
Adolescent Development The Mysterious Workings of the Adolescent Brain
Attachment Disorder 1
Attachment Disorder 2
Bloodborne Pathogens
Complaint / Grievance Process
Confidentiality, Series 1  
Confidentiality, Series 2  
Cultural Competency, Series 1  
Cultural Competency, Series 2  
Cultural Humility Read Page and Review Video
Driving Defensively Safety Training Video
Fire Detection
Fire Extinguishers
Fire Safety 1: Warning of Fire Hazards
Fire Safety 2: Fire Detection, Fire Suppression, and Warning of Fire Hazards
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Infection Control in the Human Service Environment  
Infection Control Policy
Interpretive Summary 1
Interpretive Summary 2
Medication Provision, Storage, Access, Inventory, and Disposal
Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Suicide Screening (Residential)
Motivational Interviewing
Nutritional Needs of Adolescence 1
Nutritional Needs of Adolescence 2
Participant Supervision (Residential)
Person Centered Planning, Series 1  
Person Centered Planning, Series 2  
Personal Conduct, Series 1  
Personal Conduct, Series 2  
Reporting of Abuse, Neglect and Deaths
Rights of the Persons Served, Series 1  
Rights of the Persons Served, Series 2  
Suicide Assessment
Vehicles Use and Safety Inspection
Workplace Violence Prevention, Series 1  
Workplace Violence Prevention, Series 2